InSight Biopharmaceuticals Ltd., has vast experience for over 20 years in the development and commercialization of manufacturing technologies for biopharmaceuticals.

With our modern R&D laboratories, one of the most equipped in Israel and our highly experienced R&D and operational team, InSight has a demonstrated success with all aspects of process development, from DNA to commercial scale manufacturing of active substances for biopharmaceuticals.

InSight offers a one stop shop for the development, characterization and manufacturing of protein therapeutics with a tailor-made, customer attentive approach. Our team provides the necessary expertise, quality, infrastructure and project management to ensure efficient, timely and successful deliverables to our customers.

We now offer efficient and cost-effective, tailor made, contract development and manufacturing services.

InSight’s R&D team has experience with a variety of mammalian and bacterial cell lines.

Our capabilities:

  • Experience with a variety of mammalian and bacterial cell lines
  • Vector design, optimization and construction
  • Clone establishment and selection (including ClonePix® services)
  • Bioprocess development (upstream and downstream) at lab to pilot scale (100L)
  • Analytical methods development (including HPLC and UPLC with various detectors – UV PDA, Fluorescence, RI; CGE, CIEF, CZE, Static and Dynamic Light Scattering and others)
  • Bioassay development (including cell-based assays, ligand and Fc receptor binding kinetics by Octet, ELISA, MSD and others)
  • Glyco-analysis (HILIC and CE-LIF)
  • Method qualification and validation
  • Commercial scale (up to kilograms batches), under full GMP umbrella, of mammalian cells-derived recombinant active substances (e.g. cytokines, hormones, mAbs) in fed-batch and perfusion systems
  • Writing all GMP documents: batch records, validation protocols & reports, SOPs
  • Responsible pharmacist & EUQP release services for clinical and commercial batches
  • GMP Quality Control laboratory services: method validation, release tests stability studies under all climatic zones conditions
  • Regulatory Affairs support