Science is the pillar of our development work. Our successful products and technologies are based on solid and profound scientific approach. We take advantage on the Israeli attitude to creativity, innovation and thinking out of the box and our rich network with the renowned local scientific community.

We have many fruitful ties and joint projects with Israel’s academic institutions, which are a bountiful fountain of new ideas, solutions and cutting-edge science. Our team is well versed in translating these excellent academic ideas into industrial and commercially-adapted technologies and products.

InSight is strategically located at the business crossroads of Israel’s high-tech industry. The Rabin Science Park and the adjacent Kiryat Weizmann Science Park in the university city of Rehovot are Israel’s version of Silicon Valley. Here lies the locus of the local biotech industry and start-up companies along with leading academic institutions of science, such as the renowned Weizmann Institute of Science, the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University and Israel Institute for Biological Research.  This location by itself stimulates and contributes to our scientific atmosphere.

Our product development is based on deep scientific understanding, usage of modern tools and analytics, ingenious practical approaches and creative problem solving, inspired by internal discussions among our expert scientists and world-leading scientific advisors.